Home Wasn’t Built in a Day

You can’t furnish a three-room flat in a week, let alone a single day. Each piece of furniture presents a whole journey to be taken, from matching tastes to researching models to figuring out your budget, organizing the actual thing, and testing different placements.

You can skip all of that and bulk order pre-compiled sets from IKEA, but then IKEA is what your flat will feel like — and no matter how much they make it look like it, IKEA isn’t home.

It’s a different process on a different timeline, to go from being an individual in a tiny, borrowed space to being the owner, operator, and curator of a home, and if you want yours to be a space rather than just a place, you’ll have to lean into that process.

The older we get, the more timelines extend. It’s ironic that we must spend time to earn patience, but it’s also why the last symphony we compose may very well be our best. Like that famous city of great historic significance, your home won’t be built in a day, but the more days you spend creating it, the higher the chances it’ll become something more than bricks and stones.