It’s All There

Look in the mirror. Do you see the courage you need to make your biggest dream come true? Trust me, it’s there.

What about the compassion, the self-love, the forgiveness for all the screw-ups along the way? That too is there.

So are the joy, the kindness, the lack of self-importance that’ll infect others and make them carry you for parts of the journey.

Do you see fierceness, grit, determination? Look closer! They’re right there in plain sight, hiding beneath the glass projecting your shiny reflection.

Can you find empathy, creativity, and vision in your spitting mirror image? Where exactly in your body do they sit? Point to them. Are they in the gut? The brain? Your left arm? You’ll feel where they are if you try.

Where are honesty, integrity, and humility? Look! They usually hang around with vulnerability, but even if you can’t spot them right now, I guarantee you they too are all there.

Everything you’ve ever needed is already there. It’s available to you at this very second. Do not let any piece of news, friend, foe, or family member tell you otherwise. They’re lying. They just don’t know any better.

It’s all there, right inside you, right from the beginning. You were born with the full emotional arsenal it takes to handle everything – absolutely everything – life might throw your way. Use it.

Don’t wait for life to press your buttons and hope for the right reaction. You press the buttons. You’re in charge of the buttons. Hell, you can destroy and remake buttons as you see fit.

Whatever you need, it’s all there. You might not see it in the mirror, but if you trust it exists and want to grab it, you’ll always find it in its place.