It’s Okay to Lose at Mario Kart

When I was eight, my dad and I played Mario Kart on Nintendo 64. Most of the time, I won. As I got a little older, the Mario Kart games kept coming, and I kept winning. Eventually, all of my family felt it was impossible to beat me. I was the king of Mario Kart, and for years, it stayed that way.

Today, we mostly play video games when my sister’s boyfriend is around, and I must tell you: It is impossible to beat him. I’m still a decent Mario Kart player, but he is just next level. And it goes beyond Mario Kart too. With the exception of trivia and the odd win here and there, he can handily beat me at almost any game.

What do I have to say for myself? Nothing, except: That’s life! Sooner or later, someone better will come along. Like on the race track, there is a time to floor it, and a time to get out of the way — especially when it’s Mario Kart, a game in which the top-ranked professional player earns $450/year.

We all feel sad when we have to hand over a crown, even if it’s just the one we got at Burger King. Like that piece of paper, however, most crowns aren’t worth all that much. We play games to play, and we should remember that in most arenas, we compete only for fun. Don’t ruin it by taking it too seriously, and don’t clutch your trophy when it’s time to pass it on.

When the next generation comes along, marvel at their level of skill. Learn from them. Remember it’s okay to lose at Mario Kart, and reserve your ambition for the races you truly want to win.