More From Less

This year, I made 50% more revenue, but my profits almost doubled. How? I cut my operational expenses in half. I was able to reinvest more into the business, pay myself a higher salary, and still have twice as much left at the end of the day, all because I stopped outsourcing, showed up for the work, and trimmed the frills.

Often, it’s easiest to get more for better. Instead of worrying about a $500 expense, you should think about how to make $500 more. The latter will often carry you well beyond the target, whereas the former puts boundaries on your thinking. Why purposely limit your income to collect a check from the government if you can use your creativity to blow the government’s honey pot out of the water?

Once you’ve built a sizable operation, however, it may indeed pay to look at how you can get more from less — in my case literally. Volume can have sustenance, or it can consist entirely of bloat. Let the excess air out of the system! Balloons fly higher when they’re filled with helium, and chances are, you’re the best person for the job.

Seek more for better when you can, but don’t forget about getting more from less. Don’t let anything or anyone blow hot air into your operation for too long, and remember to enjoy the work that’s calling upon you to do it.