On the Toilet, on the Phone

Really? Would the world have stopped spinning if you’d sat on the throne in peace? Are you the president? In fact, I think even the president won’t take meetings on the toilet. So why do you?

Of course, there’s also the other side of arrogance: impostor syndrome. Are you that small of a cog in the machine that you’re afraid you’ll get fired for being irrelevant if you pause to pee? Neither one is a good look, but really, it’s your mind you should worry about.

My dad says the gears crunch when someone leaves the company – but whether the crunch is long and loud or short and quiet, the gears will keep moving.

This might have sobering implications about your retirement, but at the very least, it means no one is too important to take a break. At the same time, no gear leaves the culture unaffected, no matter how small it may be. Someone will always miss you when you’re gone…

…but I think they’ll survive while you’re running to the loo. Don’t tinkle and talk.