Rake When It’s Dry

When the trees started shedding their leafy dresses, I ordered a rake so I could clean the garden one last time before the winter. Every day since it arrived, however, it has been raining. The leaves are wet, the wind is cold, and so raking will have to wait a few more days.

We easily understand and are happy to comply with nature’s limitations. Why not our own? Do you really have to buy the new TV now, when your budget is low? It might be cheaper next year. Is it necessary to quit your job when the economy is at its toughest? Why not launch your business in the spring? Especially if you’re going to sell flowers.

It’s tempting to pour urgency over everything, but often, urgency, like the water in the sauna, only creates more steam. It heats up the room — but you’re still in the same place. Movement can happen slowly, and often that’s when it is most sustainable. Lions spend most of their time waiting. Only when the right opportunity presents itself do they pounce.

Don’t be the grumpy gardener, raking in the rain against the odds. Wait for the sun. Time the moment. Begin from a position of strength. Rake when it’s dry, and remember that life, like nature or a good TV show, has many seasons — sooner or later, the right one will arrive for you to accomplish what you set out to do.