Risk the Awkward for the Amazing

Yesterday, I told a man 13 years my senior that I was proud of him. He’s also the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company. Meanwhile, I run a one-man writing show. Awkward much? Maybe. But I thought I’d risk it. After all, I have known him for nine years. And though we don’t talk much, a compliment you feel strongly about is always worth making, isn’t it? Only one way to find out…

“You are one of the only people that can truly understand,” he responded a few minutes later. Phew! Not only am I not crazy, he actually appreciated my comment. What a relief! He even had some nice words about my book.

Sometimes, you must risk the awkward to uncover the amazing. The best things in life are usually behind doors we’re not 100% comfortable opening. You’ll have to trust first and hope for the best. The best won’t always happen, but whenever it does, it provides double the reassurance you longed for before you took the leap.

That’s the tradeoff we make when life asks us to be courageous: There’s no comfort up front, only twice the reward if we win.

Be courageous. Risk the awkward for the amazing. You won’t always land in Wonderland, but even when you don’t, there’s always another step to be taken, another compliment to be made.

Life is not a casino. The house doesn’t always win. Sooner or later, the balance will shift in your favor — and the treasure you’ll find will be worth more than gold.