Somewhere, I can hear a woman yelling at her boyfriend.

Somewhere, I can feel a teenager getting punched in his belly.

Somewhere, I can see the door of a van fall shut, the girl inside of which will never see her family again.

Somewhere, I can hear someone hanging up on their mom, not knowing it will be the last time.

Somewhere, something bad is always happening.

Somewhere, I can taste a scoop of chocolate ice cream, given to a young boy free of charge after he scraped his knee.

Somewhere, I can feel hands shaking on a deal that will forever change the world for the better.

Somewhere, I can sense the quiet affection of two people, holding hands in the cinema for the first time.

Somewhere, I can hear a man say sorry, and I can see his wife giving him a hug.

Somewhere, something good is always happening.

Somewhere is where you are. Make something good happen.