Support Art Where You Meet It

The recycling movement doesn’t need you picketing for its cause. It needs you to recycle your trash.

In the same vein, it’s nice to talk about supporting artists and rooting for the creator economy, but do you actually watch your friend’s Youtube channel? Do you turn off your ad-blocker when you do it? Do you buy your friend’s book on the first day it is released, or do you put it off until later, and then it never happens? Do you make time to visit your friend’s art exhibition? Do you skip asking for a free ticket?

Nobody’s perfect. We’ve all skimmed off the top here and there. We’re busy. Worried about our own problems. And yes, at times, just lazy. But when a beautiful piece of art lands in your lap sent right from within your circle, don’t ignore it. The occasional $10 spent on the causes of the people you know and love goes much further than any philosophical debate at a star-studded gala event.

Support art where you meet it and go to bed knowing that, just like in separating the plastic from the glass, you’ve done enough.