The 3 Stages of Ignorance

Ignorance is eternal. We are born knowing nothing and die knowing very little still.

Our evolution happens in how we handle our ignorance. I see three stages:

  1. Ignorance is bliss: Amateur means “lover of.” That’s what you do when you start: You love it. Your mind is open, your intention is pure, and your curiosity is genuine. You have too much fun to realize how bad you are. Pray for this stage to last as long as it can.
  2. Ignorance is crisis: You finally realize you’re not Mozart. You’re in deep. Shit! How could you have so little to show for after so many years? Was this the right path after all? Maybe, it’s time to jump ship. Join a new crew. Think harder this time. Reinvent yourself one last time.
  3. Ignorance is art: The crisis was a scam. There is no “one last time.” The reinvention was to accept ignorance as part of the deal – and then keep reinventing. You have more confidence than ever in not knowing what you’re doing. You understand “not knowing” is what gives work a chance to have meaning. Without ignorance, there can be no art.

Your feet will be up in the air with every step you take. That’s life for all of us, but will you try to dance? That’s a choice you get to make.