The Hairdryer Lesson

On my 33rd birthday, I learned that even when your hair is dry, you can still use a hairdryer to somewhat whip it into shape. What an obvious lesson, right? But that’s how it goes. One day you walk into the bathroom, don’t feel like completely washing your hair, and since the hairdryer is conveniently plugged in already, boom, one and one finally come together to make two.

It took me twelve thousand and forty-five days to learn this extremely simple, obvious, everyday lesson — and that is the point: No one knows everything, and no matter how much trite, advanced, or profound insight you’ve accumulated, there is always more of every category to obtain.

Stay humble, keep an open mind, and never stop looking for new ideas to update the old. What’s clear to you can be subtle for others, and either one is worth picking up with excitement instead of judgement when you find it — even if it’s in a place you’ve visited a thousand times before, like your bathroom mirror.