The Sun Always Rises

When I sleep less than seven hours, there’s a good chance I might wake up with a massive headache. My nose will probably be blocked, and I’ll definitely spend the first 30 minutes of the day in a state of groggy defiance. It’s the worst, and I hate it. I wish I never had to do it again, but with me being human and life being life, that’s not very likely.

There is, however, one thing that tends to happen after short nights that makes the corners of my mouth twitch upwards ever so slightly: My hair comes out perfectly fine. I barely have to comb, let alone wash it. It just…works — and so, for all the huffing and puffing involved in catching an early-morning train, at least I save a solid five to ten minutes in getting ready.

Everything has a silver lining, and, unbelievable as it may sound, that “everything” includes the worst things in life. From petty annoyances to serious problems to life-threatening diagnoses, it all comes with a tiny sparkle across the horizon, the faintest of lights at the end of a long tunnel. Focus on that light. Don’t let the darkness get to you.

The sun always takes a good while to rise, but chances are, even when you slept too little, it’ll still show up.