The Sun Won’t Hide Forever

There’s nothing like that first day of spring, when you go out in the morning, the sun is already, finally shining, and you realize: “Wow! I don’t need my jacket!” It feels like returning home after a long journey, or like getting a reward after months of seemingly fruitless effort.

With seasons, the long dark before the dawn is easy enough to accept. In the depths of winter, we know spring is coming. But what about our botched online course launch? What about the half year we spent publishing content, only for our website to still be a ghost town? Will those winters be everlasting?

There’s no explanation as pithy or mathematically precise as the geometry behind our weather intervals, but as long as you have faith, spring is always coming. It might not come as a shower of money from the skies or a sudden wave of internet traffic, but if you hold steady and keep your eyes open, sooner or later, inevitably, you’ll spot the sun.

Sometimes, the sun is the realization that someone is not the right person for you. It could be a new endeavor that pulls you in so quickly, you forget your last project completely. Or it may be a slow Sunday afternoon drip of acceptance that, yes, perhaps it’s time to try something different.

Every first day of spring is unique. The temperature throughout the day, the speed of the wind, the level of humidity — the combination of these factors is different each time. It is only the feeling that is the same. For your personal spring, equal terms apply.

You may not make money where you plan to make it, find love where you set out to find it, or achieve greatness where you hope the world will see you, but the sun won’t hide forever. Stay aware of your surroundings, and be willing to switch when the rays fall on the other side of the street. After all, when you can take off your jacket in the daylight, why stay in the shade?