Trust the What, Forget the When

That’s Russ’ advice to anyone trying to accomplish something big. Russ started writing raps when he was seven, making beats when he was 14, and releasing full songs at 18. He put out 11 albums and 87 songs, free of charge, over the course of three years. Then, he dropped a new song on SoundCloud every week for another three years. How could such persistence not break through?

When Russ did at age 23, many called him lucky – but he had 16 years of experience! Fortune and fame took much longer to show up than he had expected them to, Russ admits. “But the universe already has the best plan. It’s a more informed version of yourself.”

Trust the what, forget the when. Lose yourself in work you love, and you’ll lose track of time. Before you know it, the world will come calling.