Vacationing for the Future

It’s easy to agree that travel is no competition. We all know someone who just frantically runs from landmark to landmark, and in doing so manages to visit a place without ever really being there.

What’s harder is to admit that, despite our best efforts to savor every second, some trips, vacations, and events, are for the future more so than for the present. Weddings, for example, especially the ones out of town.

A wedding is an event that runs on someone else’s schedule. Choosing to be there means choosing to go at the happy couple’s pace, if only for a day. That pace will be different from the one you would have chosen, but regardless of whether you can fully enjoy each moment, the memory of the event will last forever.

Sometimes, it is worth taking a 12-hour flight for a weekend you’ll never forget, even if you’ll suffer from the jet lag. Before you take off, however, it is always worth asking: “Is this trip for the present or for the future? Am I going for my wellbeing right now or for the memory when I’m old?” It might be hard to give an honest answer, but as long as it’s either of the two, it’s probably still a good idea to get on board.