When You Don’t Have a Lot of Time

If you don’t have years, months will have to do.

When months are already allocated, days can be enough.

Should you have no days left to spare that week, perhaps you can spend a few hours.

When you don’t have many hours, a lot of minutes still add up.

And if you don’t have so much as a few minutes, a handful of moments can still make a difference.

Smile. Hold the door. Take five minutes to chat. Fix their problem. Gather materials. Create your magnum opus. It’s all contained within the same hourglass.

How many grains of sand can you grab? No one knows. The question is are you willing to reach out? Will you dedicate these atoms to the purpose that’s in front of you? Or will you sit back and let time trickle by?

Even the smallest unit counts, and what you choose to do always matters. Thank you for choosing deliberately.