Why Not?

Sangah Noona is a professional pianist and singer. In the pandemic, she lost most of her jobs playing in hotels and at events. With nothing else to do, she doubled down on her Youtube channel, and it has grown by a factor of ten since then.

In the background of Sangah’s videos, you’ll always see a transparent, backlit sign. “Why not?” it reads. Perhaps thanks to that very same question, Sangah moved to the United States from Korea, became licensed as a professional pilot, and chose to play Master of Puppets by Metallica as her entry audition for one of Korea’s best universities.

Sometimes, you’re staring down what feels like a big crossroads in your life, but actually, there’s already an answer right in front of you. It might not be the best answer, or even the right one, but if your gut is tingling and you’ve got no other obvious choices, perhaps it’s no longer necessary to look for reasons to walk that particular path. Maybe, it’s time to reverse the question, shrug, and give it a go.

Some doors in life say, “Why?” Others say, “Why not?” — and sometimes, that’s more than enough to open them and start a new adventure.