Your Lifetime Range

Never underestimate it. If “best” and “worst” were two endpoints on the spectrum of human potential, the gap between them would make Marianas Trench look like a crack in the pavement.

My friend Brian lost nearly 20 years to heroin and other drugs. One day, he went cold turkey. The road since has been a long, winding one, but eventually, it took him to Trinity College – both as a lecturer and a PhD in Neuroscience. Today, Brian is a speaker, lecturer, researcher, and coach to some of Ireland’s top CEOs. He writes, podcasts, and creates courses. What a comeback!

You know what strikes me most about Brian’s transformation? That it has taken him less than ten years. He’ll never get back those two decades, but man, if anyone was keeping score, they’d say he made up for them and then some since 2013.

Your potential for change is near-infinite. It’s never too late to turn around, walk the other way, and see how far you can push your lifetime range.