Choose and Walk

When you’re trying to get from A to B in the city, there’s no point in making a wrong turn. Google Maps has got you covered. Take the extra two minutes to look up directions if you need them.

Life itself, however, is still — and always will be — mapless. There’s no way to know whether you should work on your search engine game, a membership portal, or write another book. Each intersection is a mystery, and each path will come with its own ups and downs.

Which one is the best one? That’s a trick question — and the trick is to have faith that no matter which road you end up on, you’ll find joy, new lessons, and plenty of friends along the way.

When life presents you with incomparable choices, don’t spend weeks in analysis-mode without moving. Choose and walk. As long as you trust the universe, you’ll always end up at the right destination — regardless of where it lies on the map.