Know Your Home

The first time I moved to Munich, I had the great privilege of only being called there for a duration of six months. Like my internship, my time there was limited, and it forced me to explore, learn, and see as much of the city as I possibly could in the time that I had. Actually, it didn’t — but I allowed it to, and the spots I discovered back then have now been paying dividends for years.

Today, many of the friends who went to college here with me after I returned have never walked up the “Old Peter” church tower. They’ve never been on the rooftop of the New Town Hall building or taken the elevator up 200 meters to enjoy the view from the Olympic Tower. They’re the kind of touristy places one might visit during an internship but that, as a local, you might never end up seeing because, you know, “I can always do that later.”

It’s nice to be well-traveled or know the best restaurant in town. But how much do you know about what’s right in front of your nose? If you and I stepped out your front door, how long could we keep walking with you pointing out this place or that one, telling story after story, reveling in the history of your microcosm?

Sure, learn about the world. Go on great adventures. But don’t forget the place where most of your life is actually lived. Know your home, and share it. Helping others see from a different angle can feel just as rewarding as scaling a new mountain — and often all it takes is a five-euro elevator ride to do it.