Sad Statistics

Whatever your art, chances are, you can look at sad statistics all day long. Your posts don’t get enough views. Your affiliate links don’t get enough clicks. Your invites don’t get enough responses.

Even home life can be dominated by numbing numbers. Your average heating bill is too high. Your bakery keeps raising prices. Your kid’s scores at school are too low.

Don’t get me started on the news. Your country’s GDP is in trouble. The population is aging. Chronic diseases are on the rise. The media is one big rodeo of fear-inducing figures.

You can look at all the numbers in your life, feel depressed, and zone out on the couch, or you can ignore them, put on some pants, and make something anyway.

Life happens one good deed at a time. Numbers are just observations, and without you trying your best, there’d be nothing to observe at all. Focus on the doing, not the tracking. Life is better that way.