When to Push Through

Usually, the days when you most wonder why you even continue to do what you’re doing are the days when it’s most important to push through. Not because of the results you’ll generate on that day but because it reinforces a big decision you made a long time ago.

You may no longer be sure whether it was the right decision to make, but if you quit when you feel down, you’ll never know. Only if you re-evaluate from a strong, healthy position can you really adjust course — and to get back to that position, you’ll have to push through. For now, maintain the decision, and live to fight another day.

It is far better, and much easier, to stay on the wrong path a few days too long than it is to reset the counter to zero, warp back to the beginning, and start from scratch only to realize you were right all along.

When in doubt, first, keep going. You can always backtrack later, but on your journey so far, every step has mattered — and perhaps taking a few more is all you need to do to get back on track.