Taking a Break From Infinity

Open my to-do list at any given time, and you’ll likely find a hundred tasks, waiting to be completed. Sometimes, I knock out a good chunk in a week, but often, for every one I cross off, I add two more.

Usually, I’m quite enthusiastic about most items, and not just when I put them on the list. Some, of course, I wish I didn’t have to do at all, but by and large, I’m excited to make things, to complete projects, and to improve existing work for fans and readers.

Every now and then, however, I wake up, and my gut says: “No. Not today.” It might be because I’m ill. It might be because I just shipped a big project, and I need to inhale. After I posted my longest essay ever, I needed two full days of emptiness to recover. But sometimes, I don’t even know the reason. I just know I need a break — so I fire up the Nintendo Switch, let emails be emails, and watch the day unfold.

When you’re not motivated to do anything, the challenge is to find something inspiring. When you’re motivated to do everything, the trick is to not burn out — for regardless of how many activities you complete, you’ll never do more than scratch the surface of the endless lives you could possibly live.

It’s okay to take a break from infinity. Pause when you need it, not when it’s convenient, and sooner or later, your well will be refilled, more boxes will be checked, and the energy will flow again.