Things Are Always

It’s not every day that the greatest scientist alive is the recipient of a lesson instead of its teacher. But after she reminds him of his infidelity, his continued insistence on exposing her to the dangers of living in Nazi Germany, and his complete absence in his sons’ lives for months, Elsa Einstein is not satisfied with her husband’s answer.

“Yes, well, things have been…”

“Things are always!” she cuts him off.

And just like that, Albert Einstein remembers there’s never a good time to prioritize your family. To do what is necessary. Good. Important.

To publish a paper that might upset the scientific community but improve our understanding of the world. To complete a theory many esteemed colleagues don’t even believe in. To choose a larger, worthy cause and serve it, sacrifice and all.

The day you’re waiting for — the day when making a big change, an important decision, a necessary commitment will be easy — will never come. Things are always. All we have is today — so today might as well be the day we step up.