There Is Only One Team

When you run a book summary website, it’s easy to think every other book summary site is your competitor. They’re not. What we are is one team, one group of people trying to provide faster access to information while also encouraging others to read more. The point is not to get people to read your book summaries, not theirs; it is to get more people to read more book summaries — both yours and theirs.

Whether you’re worried about your coworker stealing your promotion, your bandmate hogging the spotlight, or your competitor taking your market share, remember: There is only one team, and we’re all on it. You are. I am. So is your neighbor, your son’s principal, and the cleaner at your company’s Iceland office.

The only way we truly win is together, not at each other’s expense. See the big picture, and clap for your competition. In time, we’ll all have our hands on the same trophy, and it’ll feel even better than lifting it alone.