Which Kind of Peace?

After years of complete ignorance, I recently dipped a toe back into Pokémon card collecting. I ordered some packs and special sets, even some deck boxes and sleeves. I also ordered a binder. It was a black and gold, high-quality item. For some reason, whoever mailed it decided to just put a tag on it without even wrapping it. Naturally, it arrived with a few small scratches on the front.

For a few days, I debated whether to report or return it. Ultimately, I decided against it. Eventually, the binder will get scratched anyway, and the issues are minor enough. “I’d rather have the peace of one item less on my to-do list than the peace of knowing I got exactly every cent of my money’s worth,” I thought. Ah, the luxury of being able to afford to ignore things.

It’s funny how different a hobby feels when you’re spending your own money on it. Especially when now, a sum that used to seem so big now seems rather small. It’s nice to treat yourself with a tiny part of your paycheck. When you sacrifice your entire pocket money on a lucky draw, the stakes are mighty high. 20 years later, I can buy much more yet feel less stressed about it. The irony of irony.

In many situations, you can choose which type of inner peace you want: The calm of accepting the status quo as good enough or the satisfaction of having dealt with a challenge perfectly. Often, the ease and instantness of the former makes it worth more than the latter.

Never run down a path without reflecting on it first. Look for all avenues towards tranquility, and pick the one appropriate to the situation.