14 Good Habits You Should Instantly Pick Up From The Minions Cover

14 Good Habits You Should Instantly Pick Up From The Minions (Featuring Animated GIFs)

Minions is the third installment in the Despicable Me series.

If you haven’t seen or heard about the movie, you should. Because Minions is the 10th highest grossing movie of all time.

Do you know how hard it is for the third movie in a trilogy to outshine its predecessors?

It’s the reason why Avengers 2 is behind Avengers and why the first of the Hobbit movies was the most successful of them all.

So how do you go from not being on that list with the first movie, to spot number 26 with the second, to the top 10?

You double down on what works.

Even though the first movie focused on super villain Gru, who is out to steal the moon, the true stars were his dedicated, squeaking, overly enthusiastic servants — the Minions.

After playing only a minor role in the first movie, their air time increased significantly in the second, and now they’ve got their own movie.

I recently watched the movie and re-watched the older ones, only to find myself laughing even harder.

It struck me that what makes us love them so much is not just how funny they are.

More than that, they have a few really good habits, that we could all use some more of.

Let’s be honest.

Secretly, we all wish our life was more like the life of a minion, and it’s probably for the following reasons.

1. They have fun. Always.

Even though Minions probably have no age and live forever, they often behave like kids and have fun. All. The. Time.

They hear the word “butt” and laugh their own off. If you’re over 10 years old, chances are, you should laugh a bit more too.

Did you know that kids laugh 300 times per day, on average? Adults: less than 20 times. No wonder kids are happier!

So don’t look for the reason or the sense in everything, instead spot the fun in everyday situations. There’s always something to laugh about!

2. They keep their cool.

When new problems turn up, the Minions rally. Instead of running around with their arms flailing, they get together, calm down one another, and see how they can handle the situation and get their boss out of trouble.

So the next time you’re on the edge of a panic attack because your about to miss a deadline, keep your cool. It’s not a literal deadline. No one’s going to die.

Adopt the mantra: Pause. Breathe. Think. Act.

Give yourself a break so you can observe your feelings, but not act on them. Just ask yourself: What would King Bob do?

3. They dance. A lot.

For Minions, dance parties are much more the norm, rather than the exception. They take even the slightest music reference or cause to celebrate and turn it into a full-fledged disco session.

Well, they’ve got it right. Dancing reduces stress, as it releases endorphins and is an activity connected to strong positive emotions.

So the next time your partner sends you a sweet text, or the vending machine just re-stacked your favorite snack, don’t be afraid to do a few spins — even if you have to ride the elevator, just for that.

4. They never give up.

Even when things look bleak, and everything goes wrong, Minions just never give up. They persist, because when it’s not right, it’s not over.

So even when you have a bad day and Murphy’s Law holds true once again, don’t give up. Show up anyway. Eventually, everything will be alright.

5. They stay curious.

Minions are never afraid to try something new. They love it! That’s why they charge right into new adventures, even when they have no clue what they’re doing. It also means they’re never worried about asking stupid questions.

They ask them anyway, and so should you. In 99% of all cases, a “No” is the worst thing that can happen, so what’s stopping you?

6. They show their feelings.

Minions want to be appreciated. And they show it.

Even more importantly though, they also show when they appreciate someone. When’s the last time you hugged your best friend, just because?

Don’t just feel, share your feelings with the world. Which brings me to…

7. They don’t bottle up their anger.

When Minions are pissed off, they’re pissed off. And they’re not afraid to express it. Sometimes even with their fists.

The next time you’re angry about something, don’t bottle it up inside until you explode and it gets ugly.

Address problems right away. Talk about things. Communicate. That doesn’t mean you should punch someone in the face right away.

Although sometimes you might have to.

8. They get excited about everything. Like, seriously excited.

It doesn’t matter whether you tell a Minion that he or she (do they have genders?) just got a raise, or that the sun is shining.

These guys get seriously excited about anything that’s even remotely positive.

Imagine you got as excited about the little things in your life as they do. Guess what: You can!

Try this: Instead of saying “I have to work out today.” say “I get to work out today.”

Changing this one word will put a spin of gratitude on everything you do.

9. They eat bananas. Lots of them.

I don’t think I need to say anything else, do I? Fruits are good for you. So…



10. They are not afraid to make mistakes.

Minions are not only curious, they also don’t care if they don’t get it right the first time. Their curiosity makes sure they keep learning and their persistence makes up for what goes wrong.

Don’t hold back on whatever it is you do today, give it all you’ve got! Even if it means you might have to start from scratch again.

11. They make the best of everything.

Things turn out the best for those who make the best of how things turn out. — John Wooden

Minions sure fall into this category of people and you should too. Instead of crying, complaining and worrying over what went wrong, just make the best of today.

12. They don’t take themselves too seriously.

If you want to find the fun in everything you do in your life, you first have to stop being so serious.

So what if someone makes an occasional joke at your expense? You can lift your finger and point it at them — or you can just laugh with them.

What do you think is better for you, in the long run?

13. They look out for one another.

Even though there’s a good-hearted competition among Minions, when it gets serious, they always watch out for one another.

So whenever you get a chance to help someone, do it!

Even if it means going a little out of your own way, it’s incredibly rewarding. A little gesture of kindness goes a long way.

14. They start before they’re ready.

Lastly, like all the greats, Minions start before they’re ready. They don’t wait for the perfect moment, or until they have all the information they need, because there is no such thing.

They just start. Even if it means breaking a guitar or two.

Your turn!

Time to honor your inner Minion.

Giggle, giddy up and go on an adventure.

You can be an adult, or you can be a Minion.

The choice is yours.

I hope this article made you laugh and I leave while wondering: “Which one are you going to pick?”